E-Token Management System

 Workflow Diagram  Features
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  • Login
  • User management
  • Department
  • Counter
  • Token management
  • Token with SMS
  • Messaging system
  • Multi-language
  • Temporary language
  • Multiple display
  • Dashboard with token status
  • Department and counter based display
  • Date to date report
  • User performance report
  • Display setting
  • Application setting
  • User profile
  • 3 different types user panel (Admin, Officer, Staff)
  • Multiple types data export (PDF, CSV, EXCEL, PRINT
Ideal For
  •   Office
  •   Restaurant
  •   Doctor chamber
  •   Customer care
  •   Service center
  •   Others small business


  •   English
  •   Türkçe
  •   Español
  •   Português
  •   Français
  •   العَرَبِيَّة
  •   বাংলা
workfE-Token Management System is a most powerful and easiest queue token system. It will help to manage customer/client waiting list and allocation process in organized way. It consist of Ticket in responsible for issuing ticket, it can connect on printer for printing, Service can have its ticket series/serial numbering with department, counter and officer name.There is three types user account (Admin, Officer and Staff). Ticket series/serial (A001, A002, A003…) respectively assigned on each service.
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