Online Lottery System Software

Online Lottery System Software

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District uses an online lottery system to collect, verify, and process applications for non-charter elementary school enrollment lotteries, the Hutchinson High School enrollment lottery, and also for select special programs.Parents can create an online lottery account at any time by visiting the district’s online lottery application portal. Application submission is limited by lottery availability.Only one application per student will be honored for any school or program. Duplicate applications (same student and school or program) will be deleted from the lottery system.

Applications must be completed by a parent or guardian with custodial authority to make educational decisions for the student. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a correct and complete application.


User Features:

✔ Responsive Design.
✔ One Click Registration.
✔ Edit / Update Profile
✔ Edit / Update Profile Photo.
✔ Easy To play Lottery.
✔ Multiple Lotto Token Available.
✔ Easy Add Balance System.
✔ Easy To Withdraw.
✔ Free Join Any Raffle Club.
✔ A to Z History Included.
✔ ID to ID Balance Transfer.
✔ Affiliation System.

Admin Features:

✔ Dynamic Control Panel.
✔ Advance Dashboard.
✔ Add / Edit Site Title.
✔ Unlimited Lottery & Lotto Club Creation.
✔ Add / Edit / Delete Lottery Schedule.
✔ Declar Lottery Winner.
✔ Manage Lottery Losser.
✔ Add / Edit / Delete Club.
✔ Manage Lotto Club.
✔ Full Control Of Lottery.
✔ Lottery Draw Creation.
✔ Manage Game Profit Ratio.
✔ Fully Finance Management.

Affiliate Feature:

✔✔ If Someone Play Lotto than Affiliate’s get 1 Coin Instant.
✔✔ Easy To Refer User system ( Check Affilate Option ).
✔✔ 1 Coin = 1 Usd.
✔✔ ID to ID Balance Transfer FREE.

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